One-on-one private practice & coaching over the phone

We are issue-driven. We work closely with you to determine what your priorities are and how to reinforce the skills and behaviours that matter most to you as an organization.


While in character, the Performance Coaches react to the participant’s style and improvise their way into a true-to-life customer experience.


Uncover in real time what your customer or employee wouldn’t tell you :

  • Your natural strengths
  • What you could have done better
  • How it felt to be the customer or employee

Our simulations are authentic

We design customized scenarios that reflect your workplace realities. We leverage the power of professional improvisational actors to recreate typical interactions. Our Performance Coaches do all the things that real people do in those real situations.


Our solutions are flexible

Our solutions are designed and deployed to accommodate diverse work place realities (i.e. virtual learning needs, time constraints, learning objectives, etc.).


Our solutions are scalable

We have a select pool of professional Performance Coaches and the capacity to execute on small and large programs alike. 

I’m not always face to face and this was great to practice on the phone, you really need to listen carefully to pick up on clues. This was VERY helpful.
— Joshua, Management Consultant