Working with the actors was the best part of the training. I especially thought the opportunity to re-do my conversation and apply their feedback right away was really impactful.
— Sarah, Private Banker
You guys weren’t just actors. You were also so skilled as my coach. I couldn’t believe how accurate you were when you gave me feedback. And the feedback you gave me about changing my mindset about difficult clients was exactly right. So helpful. I know that I will never forget that lesson.
— Anita, Commercial Banker
This is by far the best training I’ve ever done here and having the actors as coaches is the reason I say that. I learned the concepts, but I never would have understood how I was coming across if not for the roleplays.
— Mohamed, Pharmaceutical Sales
This kind of training, with actors as coaches, is a very unique way of learning interpersonal skills. Classrooms and teaching are all lecture format. This idea of practicing a skill is so powerful. I learned so much this way.
— Serge, Inside sales