We’ve all been on the receiving end of bad customer service, an ‘icky’ sales experience, or a discouraging coaching conversation. It all comes down to unintentional, ineffective communication in our business interactions.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I always jump to solutions, after this session I realised I have to balance more empathy and asking better questions to come to a resolution, thank-you. This was an eye opener.
— Rebecca, Financial Advisor

Imagine a one-on-one coaching session where you hear first-hand ‘how it feels to talk to you’ and then apply the coaching right away and practice again.

That’s deliberate practice.

We can support any interaction that you need to have. We’ve worked with clients in Travel, Financial Services, Telecom, Pharma, Healthcare, Professional Services, Automotive, Education and Government to design a diverse range of practice experiences, including:

  • Prospecting & Sales
  • Service & Service-to-Sales
  • Product launches
  • Difficult conversations
  • Coaching conversations
  • Interviewing

In addition, we provide custom-designed support for conferences, workshops and just-in-time coaching.